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China Sciences also known as (MAPUNI), a known and famous Scada RTU system, is committed towards providing high quality products and also one of the leading enterprises in the creation of environmental-protection information area. By continuous efforts during the past few years, we have expanded our area of coverage to almost all over china and this has given us the entrance of all the main ports found in our mainland's, allowing us to provide services to different parts of the world.

What Else We Do

We are pioneer company and had been producing and supplying seam tape, plasterboard joint tape, paper drywall tape and environmental friendly drywall joint tape etc. to our domestic and worldwide customers. We also supply Mini projector for android, for iPhone and iPads. We strongly believe that our clients are our business partners and delivery of their product is our vital responsibility. We also deliver Industrial monitoring system which is a type of industrial control system and majorly used to monitor and control industrial processes where high observation and precision is needed.

Scada RTU system is a computer controlled system that is used to manage and direct huge industrial process which is usually placed on a far distance and needs synchronization on every step. The system ensures the parallel operation of different departments and with high precession.

Human Machine Interface HMI

Human Machine Interference is typically linked to the RTU system's software programs which is further connected to the database, to provide diagnostic data with trending and management information such as scheduled continuance procedures, logistic data and schematics for a selected sensor or machine, and also provides expert system troubleshooting and guides. Multiple Scada RTU Systems can derive multiple display interfaces. So it becomes easy to monitor different industrial systems happening on far distances.

Our Achievements

China Sciences MapUniverse Technology Co. Ltd is also the independent research product series which have earned awards of National Environmental Protection Technology and Science, National Geographical Information System Outstanding Project and National Independent Innovation Products etc. We can also provide a complete range of online environmental monitoring solutions and advance instruments for clients including sewage, water, gas, air quality, Flue Gas, heavy metals, environmental noise systems etc.

We are among the most known and trusted supplier of smart electronic products in China. Our quality parameters have given a good impression to our customers. We can provide your desired products like mini projectors and Scada RTU System in your desired amount anywhere on the globe. Feel free to contact for order placing or for further information. Our representatives are waiting for your calls and we would be grateful and happy to assist you.

China Sciences Mapuniverse Technology Co., Ltd.

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Phone: 86-10-51286880